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Why you should consider using Shopify Plus in 2023

Why You Should Consider using Shopify Plus In 2023

What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level platform for growing ecommerce stores and online brands. It is owned and operated by Shopify.

The platform is fully customized, priced for big brands, and well-staffed. SEO consultants and marketing agencies also make use of this platform.

Features of Shopify Plus

Multiple Stores

If you have products to sell to multiple target audiences, Shopify Plus is the best platform for you. The multi-function allows you to own up to 10 different stores without extra charges.

Shopify Sales Dashboards 2
Shopify store owners benefit from excellent data dashboards and sales analytics. Shopify Plus adds additional store locations and user accounts.

This means you can tailor the various mobile stores to your taste.

Shopify Plus also helps you manage locations, currencies, and multiple languages.


This platform allows you to grow your business without stressing so much over building your website. Shopify Plus permits merchants to have unlimited bandwidth; this allows them to process over 8,000 orders per minute for each store.

It is also hosted with the scalable SaaS software. This ensures that flash sales and variable checkouts are easy to manage.

High-volume traffic capacity

You need not worry about flash sales again because of the Shopify Plus Launchpad tool! Launchpad permits you to create, schedule, and automate mostly all the processes you need to run a special event or a flash sale.

Shopify Social Sales Channels 3
Running a sales campaign across multiple channels? (email newsletters, Facebook, Google etc.) – Shopify can help you manage the campaign and also ensure that your site is ready for the volume of traffic and customers on site.

If you’re not too familiar with the basic Shopify product plans, perhaps pause here and take a read of our Quick Overview of Shopify Features.

Who Uses Shopify Plus?

At the time this article was written, Shopify Plus has recorded over 5,300 register companies on its platform. These companies are mostly located in the United States and are in the retail industry.

This platform is basically used by businesses with about 10-50 employees. These businesses are estimated to have a revenue of between one million to ten million dollars.

Our research data extends back to about five years.

Ten X Blog also has a great review of Shopify and how people use it to grow their online stores.

Why you should consider using Shopify Plus in 2021 1200x800
Shopify Plus – the eCommerce weapon of choice for many huge household names and premium brands, including Lindt Chocolate and GymShark.

Why Is Shopify Plus Such A Good Choice?

Shopify Plus is the best multipurpose ecommerce website builder that is in the market today. Thousand of merchants have utilized this tool to set up their own online stores.

Statistics have shown that Shopify Plus sites have generated over $55 billion in sales.

Shopify Plus is created for big brands, unlike Shopify, which was created for small and medium enterprises. Both platforms are created to work in the same way, but Shopify Plus is capable of handling more tasks than the regular Shopify.

For instance, Shopify Plus can handle over 8,000 orders per minute.

Shopify Storefront Example 2
The Shopify platform is designed and optimized to handle huge volumes of customers and payment transactions.

The Ease of Setting Up A Shopify Plus Site

The Shopify Plus platform offers you a personalized, dedicated launch manager. This manager ensures that your online store is fully integrated into Shopify.

Shopify Plus also gives you an option of editing and customizing your checkout, but the regular Shopify platform does not have such flexibility. You also get custom themes, and they help you write the lines of code.

Why Do You Need Shopify Plus?

Online merchants have always been looking for better ways to scale up their ecommerce businesses and generate more revenue. Shopify Plus brought the needed solution to their doorsteps.

Shopify Sales Dashboards 3
Shopify Plus builds upon the brilliant Shopify eCommerce platform and adds a suite of tools and support designed to help enterprise-grade businesses grow.

This platform gives you all the necessary online tools to boost your engagement and customer retention, conversion optimisation, scalability, SEO, and security.

So, if you have been seeking to give your ecommerce business a boost, Shopify Plus is the best tool to adopt.

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