Why Shop on Amazon

Why Shop on Amazon? – 3 Minute Read on Amazon’s Best Bits

Why Shop on Amazon?

Amazon is the best known online retailer around today. It deals in millions of products, all of which customers can have sent direct to their doorstep.

It is easier and quicker to list down the very few products which Amazon don’t sell, as opposed to cataloging the vast array of products which they do.

No big surprise – Amazon is regularly referred to as the best shopping site found online. This is so because Amazon, the top online shop, sells practically endless kinds of electronic consumables, games, pet products, vitamins, and human services products alongside numerous well-known books and more.

Amazon Delivery Man with Parcel

In this short post we are going to try answer the question of “Why shop on Amazon?”

Why Shop on Amazon? – Reasons to Shop on Amazon

Below are some of the key reasons that show why shopping on Amazon is the best decision

Why Shop on Amazon? – Online Marketplace

From garments to bags, and shoes to accessories – you can shop for everything in one place and with just one online shopping cart. Isn’t that incredible?!

While ladies can shop tops, tunics, western dresses, jumpsuits, denim, pants, skirts, suits, kurtas, sarees, Kurtis etc.

Men can shop shirts, shirts, vests, formal and easygoing pants, and whatever they require for their wardrobe. A huge range of fashion brands and clothing apparel is available direct on Amazon. It is a very big marketplace.

If you need to shop home stylistic layout and home outfitting things, they are additionally accessible online. Beauty care products, wellbeing products, equipment, devices, books and so forth – you’ll find it on Amazon!

Why Shop on Amazon? – Fast Delivery

Also, customers can benefit from free postage and delivery on most products, throughout the year.

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Another great point is that there are no restrictions on the measure of products that one can have delivered, or on their size and weight. So customers can be confident that Amazon will be able to deliver exactly what they need, and to the place they need it.

Why Shop on Amazon? – Value for your Money

Amazon works solely through its own website, which necessarily the case for a lot of other online retailers.

This makes it simple for customers to explore through their website pages and quickly access top offers and promotions which are only available at Amazon.

20 Dollar Bills Tucked Under Laptop

Customers consistently acknowledge Amazon for having the best prices available on most products online. Amazon offers their products at low costs, particularly when they are included in Amazon promotions or bundles.

Why Shop on Amazon? – Ease of 1-Click Pay

Amazon makes its 1 click pay process available on most purchases.

In only a couple of clicks, you can get anything ordered, paid for and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Amazon Delivery Man at House Door

Additionally, simple return, trade, discount and different methods of verified payment instalments are all offered which makes online shopping with Amazon fun, quick and easy.

If you are hoping to send a present for a friend or family member, you can opt to get the item gift wrapped before it is dispatched. You can even have it delivered direct to the person you’re giving the gift to!

Why Shop on Amazon? – Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is an annual membership programme which costs customers a small fee per year.

With Amazon Prime, you can get a huge range of benefits that includes FREE next day delivery, access to discounts, offers and exclusive product offerings, along with access to online movies, TV shows and music.

It is a membership program that gives you and your family unlimited free delivery options alongside a range of other great perks.

Why Shop on Amazon? – Amazon’s Eco-Friendly Packaging

Amazon runs a multi-year initiative known as “Eco-Friendly Packaging”. This is designed to make it simpler to get your item out of its original packaging by urging makers to get rid of superfluous, irritating packaging.

Amazon Fulfilment Worker 2

Another undertaking is planned for reducing the weight and size of boxes and also reducing the need for protective materials used in delivery (such as bubble wrap, foam and additional cardboard.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and strategically placing relevant related products is an established ecommerce practice which gives a major income lift to internet business websites.

Amazon does this well. It displays to customers, other items which were either viewed or purchased by other individuals who browsed similar products.

This helps customers to discover other items which might be of use to them, although on the flip side it also steers customers towards looking at these (occasionally progressively costly) products.

Eco-Friendly Building Design

Amongst Amazon’s most recent real estate activities is the new head office in Seattle. With this development, a conscious choice was made to assemble eco-friendly, low energy consumption structures.

Amazon Campus

The new corporate office in Munich (Germany), was also built with sustainable materials and rates very highly as an eco-friendly building design.

Amazon Green

The Amazon Green initiative promotes purchasers and merchants of eco-friendly products to purchase and sell merchandise, for example, apparel, toys, and home improvement products.

This is bolstered by the addition of an “Amazon Green Gift Card” which can be used to buy eco-friendly and sustainable products.

A brilliant eCommerce channel for retailers

Amazon coordinates with online retailers and small business owners, to help them list products, satisfy deliveries and customer queries and oversee item stock.

Prior to the arrival of Amazon, the most effective way to reach potential customers and sell your item was to post data about it on the Web.

Nowadays however, retailers can just list their products on Amazon and leverage and benefit from its huge consumer reach, its technology and its reputation.

Why Shop on Amazon? – Checkout and Payments are Easy

With Amazon, purchasing an item is snappy and simple.

Amazon App on Samsung Device

Typically, from selecting an item, adding it to your cart, adding delivery and payment details, and confirming the purchase – the whole process might take around 5 clicks.

Yet if you have Amazon 1-click payments set up, then all of that information is pre-populated and you can make future purchases with just 1-2 clicks!

Why Shop on Amazon? – Trusted, Secure Payments Processing

Amazon customers shop safely in the knowledge that their card details and personal information are secure and kept safe.

Amazon uses banking-level security and only approved payments providers, such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Give Amazon a try today! You won’t be disappointed.