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Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins? – List of the Best Places to get Free Bitcoins in 2023

Want to know where you can get free Bitcoins? You’re in the right place…

Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins?

There are tons of Free Bitcoin Websites and Mobile Apps out there.

Let’s help you cut through the rubbish and spam to help you find the best and most reliable places to get Free Bitcoins…

Here’s a list of the best sources of free Bitcoin which we’ve come across and used recently.

Each of them pays out in various amounts of free Bitcoin or Satoshi.

Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins? – Freebitcoin

Freebitcoin is excellent, the best paying and most reliable Bitcoin Faucet we currently know of (and which we use daily!).

With freebitcoin, each hour you can ‘roll’ a virtual dice / number counter, and depending on your score, you’ll then be rewarded with a certain amount of Bitcoin. Typical winnings per claim / roll of the dice counter can range from 0.00000620 to 0.03127260 (latest values at time of writing).

As an added bonus though, freebitcoin also has its own free Bitcoin lottery which pays out upwards of 1.5BTC per week. With each roll of the dice game, you receive a number of free tickets which automatically enter you for the weekly lottery!

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They also have a simple ‘Hi-Lo’ game to play where you can increase your Bitcoin earnings by a significant multiplier. Freebitcoin is definitely a free source of Bitcoin worth registering for and playing on a daily basis. Even if just for the chance of winning their Bitcoin lottery – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins? – MoonBitcoin (Faucet)

MoonBitcoin is a Bitcoin faucet website which rewards you with a random amount of Satoshi each time you visit and click to claim your Satoshi. There’s a 5min wait between each time you can go back and claim more Satoshi, but it’s a consistent source of free Bitcoin.

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Downsides? – possibly too many adverts. You also have to either sign-up with or create a new CoinPot account to extract your Satoshi to.

Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins? – The Blockchain Game

The Blockchain Game is a simple mobile app available on both iPhone and Android.

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The game is named after ‘Blockchain’, the technology behind Bitcoin. The aim of the game is to tap the screen and build as long a chain of blocks as you possibly can. This allows you to then access higher and higher Bitcoin rewards. It’s a fun way of accruing increments of Bitcoin over time.

Coin Tasker

By completing small tasks, CoinTasker rewards you with small increments of Bitcoin.

These tasks might include for example – downloading a new app or commenting on a community board, watching a short video clip, or reviewing an advert. It’s a popular site, always active and with regular pay-outs.

Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins? – Earn Free Bitcoins

Earn Free Bitcoins is a site which pays you in Satoshi, for visiting other websites.

A simple proposition in the world of free Bitcoins, but we’re not too sure how valuable this one is. On the site it states you can earn up to 240 Satoshis “and more” per day, but that the min payout is once you’ve reached 5,500 Satoshis. At 240 Satoshis per day, that will take nearly 23 days of continuous involvement. A Bitcoin Faucet might earn you more Bitcoin, and significantly faster.

Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins? – Earn Free Digital Money

Free Digital Money is a similar story to Coin Tasker – you can earn free Bitcoin quickly by completing surveys, downloading and trying out new mobile apps, trial subscriptions etc.

Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins? – Bitcoin Reward

Bitcoin Reward is another great site for earning free Bitcoin through spending some of your time reading, watching videos, trying out new apps, filling in marketing surveys etc.

There are lots of things to do and checkout on this site once you’ve signed-up.

Where Can I Get Free Bitcoins? – BTC4You.com

BTC4You rewards you with an amount of Satoshi each time you visit and click to claim the reward. It’s a little unclear as to how often you can make a claim or how the Satoshi reward is calculated, but certainly worth a look!

Simply complete the Captcha check for (e.g. “click all the boxes which contain road signs”!), enter your public Bitcoin wallet address and you’re good to go.

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