What is Qryptos

What is The Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange (Updated in 2021 – Now Replaced by Liquid)

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Heard good things about a cryptocurrency exchange called Qryptos and their token called QASH? Not quite sure what it’s all about or if it’s worth paying some serious attention to?

You’ve come to the right place! This article is a great starting point for making sense of it all and learning exactly what the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange is and why you should consider using it.

*Update (Jan 2023) – Both Quoine, Qryptos, and Liquid are now defunct after FTX acquired the business in 2021-2022 and then itself filed for Bankruptcy in late 2022.

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange? – Ok, so explain Qryptos to me

Put simply, Qryptos is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, based in Japan.

The Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange is similar to a lot of other existing cryptocurrency exchanges, in that it provides you with a safe place to buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Bitcoin and Other Crypto Coins

Qryptos is a fantastic product and a very good cryptocurrency exchange platform. With Qryptos you can quickly access a very wide number of cryptocurrency pairings – whether that be BTC/LTC, BTC/ETH, or BTC/QASH for example.

Something, which sets Qryptos apart from a lot of other exchanges, is that it is also fully regulated in Japan, and has an excellent track record and reputation.

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange? – Qryptos has been around for a while

Qryptos was originally launched in 2014, so it’s been operational for some time now. It is very secure, and comes highly recommended and trusted by its large and ever-growing international user base.

Qryptos Landing Page

Quoine (the parent company behind the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange) is backed by some very large players in Japanese and Asian venture capital.

To compliment this, Quoine’s founding team includes some very heavy hitters. The executive team boasts a wealth of experience from the traditional financial sectors and they’ve built exchange technologies before.

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange? – Tell me more, just who are Quoine?

Quoine is an established and leading FinTech company (financial technology), based out of Japan. They also have additional offices in Singapore and Vietnam.

Quoine produces a range of financial products and services, all powered by Blockchain technology. They are focussed on the relatively young cryptocurrency sector, and they have a wider mission to make financial services accessible to all, not just the privileged few.

Quoine Verification Process

Quoine have a number of great products already in the market:

  • Quoinex which is their fiat-to-crypto currency exchange platform based in Japan,
  • The Qryptos cryptocurrency exchange, another crypto exchange – but with a focus on global markets, and exclusively cryptocurrency only,
  • QASH, the cryptocurrency token which they launched via ICO in November 2017, and which is available to buy and trade on both Quoinex and Qryptos).

Coming soon, they also have Liquid and the World Book. Liquid is an exciting new product, aimed squarely at providing new levels of liquidity and accessibility to cryptocurrency markets around the world. It is hotly anticipated and expected for launch soon.

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange? – Why Quoine are a different type of Crytpo business

A huge number of cryptocurrency-based businesses have sprung up in recent years, but Quoine aren’t like the majority of them.

One group of early crypto businesses appear to be comprised of groups of young developers and evangelists of Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. A second group, includes those out to capitalise on recent market interest and make a quick profit from launching yet another exchange or ICO.

In contrast, Quoine are a FinTech growth start-up. Their core team is made up of some very experienced professionals, all with a strong background across the traditional banking and finance world.

Quoine Team 1

Quoine’s founding team observed all of the new cryptocurrency exchanges being built by early adopters, but saw a potential gap and opportunity. Developers with a keen interest and expertise in developing the crypto technology have built many of these early Blockchain businesses and crypto exchanges.

However, they don’t necessarily have the background or experience in finance. Their disadvantage is that they haven’t previously delivered great financial products or a high level of customer service to match.

The founders of Quoine have built financial products and fiat exchange platforms before. They saw this opportunity, and decided that they would be the ones to improve and simplify the crypto exchange experience.

Quoine Brand 1

The fast growing crypto space is in desperate need of better products and much improved levels of customer service. There is a lot to be done still, especially now as more and more everyday consumers enter the market and adopt crypto.

With the arrival of more customers, and a different type of customer – the crypto space has to grow up quickly. Customers are now starting to ask for great quality products and a higher level of service. Not dissimilar to that which they’re used to getting from other places, like a traditional stock or foreign currency exchange for example.

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange? – Ready to try Qryptos?

Excellent news!

As you might expect, the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange is free to join and it also has a very simple and easy process for setting up a new user account.

UPDATED 2021: Qryptos has now been re-branded as “Liquid”. Same business and same great crypto exchange, just a new site which can be found here.

When you do first sign up, be sure to use our referral code here for a free reward!

*(Liquid is now closed).

Using this code, once you’ve signed up to Liquid and begun trading, you’ll be gifted with 3 free QASH tokens as a thank you!

Liquid by Quoine Image

How good is that?

QASH is Quoine’s own token. You can read more about it below, but it’s worth knowing that it could be a very valuable token in time to come.

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange? – Setting up an account on Qryptos

Over on the Qryptos signup page, you’ll be guided through a quick and easy signup process. Fill in your email address, a few other basic details, chose a password, and then you’ll be in! It’s a simple as that to first setup your account.

At some point later down the line though, you’ll need to verify your account by proving your identity. This is required to enable you to deposit and withdraw funds from Qryptos. To do this you can provide a photo(s) of your passport, driver’s licence, or other form of identification. Proving your identity in this way is requirement now across most crypto exchanges.

Qryptos Trading Info

It’s also worth saying at this point that there’s no need to be alarmed by this. You are required to do much the same over on any other cryptocurrency exchange, or other traditional stock or foreign exchange platforms even. What Quoine are doing here, is actually fulfilling their legal obligations as a registered business and exchange.

By law in most territories, they are required to undertake what is known as KYC (Know Your Customer). This all helps to make online crypto exchange platforms like Qryptos safer, and more secure by putting up barriers to entry against would-be criminals or similar.

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange? – Quick recap on Quoinex and Qash

Quoine also have a second exchange platform, named Quoinex. The focus for Quoinex is the Japanese market and the provision of fiat to crypto pairings (e.g. €EUR, £GBP, or $USD).

It’s quite easy to buy into the Crypto market with your preferred native fiat currency over on Quoinex, and then move it across to Qryptos to access all the other Cryptocurrencies there.

Qash Coin Image

Both Qryptos and Quoinex offer QASH, which is the token recently launched by Quoine. If you want to try either Quoinex or Qryptos, you can currently earn 3 free QASH when you signup and start trading, using our referral codes below:

  • Signup to Quoinex (Now replaced by Liquid)
  • Signup to Qryptos (Now replaced by Liquid)
  • Signup to Liquid for free today *(Now defunct).

What is the Qryptos Cryptocurrency Exchange? – The QASH cryptocurrency token

Quoine launched their own cryptocurrency token called QASH (read as “Cash”, with the familiar “Q” at the front!), back in November 2017.

QASH is a very exciting token, which will be used to power and transact on the upcoming Liquid platform.