• What Is HTML? – 3 Minute Quick Read

    What is HTML

    HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the primary markup language used to write (code) web pages and other information that can be read and displayed by a web browser. What Is HTML? – What is a Markup Language? A markup language is in essence a system of purposeful annotations placed around the text […]

  • What Is CSS? – 3 Minute Quick Read

    What Is CSS

    Ever wondered what is CSS exactly? Read on to find out more… CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is what’s known as a stylesheet language, used to describe the layout and presentation of a document produced in a markup language, most typically HTML. The most common and everyday use of CSS is in styling […]

  • The Structure of HTML – Quick & Easy 2 Minute Read

    The Structure of HTML

    The Structure of HTML – A Guide, with Code Examples The structure of HTML has to be properly followed and maintained for a web browser to correctly read the HTML document. Without its structure and proper syntax, errors can easily cause browsers to show broken pages to the end user. HTML is found extensively across […]

  • The Structure Of CSS – Quick & Easy 2 Minute Read

    The Structure Of CSS

    The Structure Of CSS – A User Guide, with Code Examples CSS (Cascading Stylesheets), has to be correctly structured and laid-out, in order for it to work as you intended… CSS is at the heart of modern web page design. Whilst it’s actually the HTML which defines and provides the content and structure of each […]

  • Index of HTML Elements and Tags – Easy to use List – Updated 2021

    Index of HTML Elements and Tags

    Index of HTML Elements and Tags – A User Guide, with Code Examples A useful Index of HTML Elements & Tags, including all the key common elements and tags, along with new HTML5 additions too… Looking for something else? – Click here for an overview on what is HTML? If you’re busy making use of […]

  • HTML Elements and Tags – Quick & Easy Overview

    HTML Elements and Tags

    HTML Elements and Tags – An Overview, with a Code Example HTML uses elements to describe the structure of web pages. These elements are denoted by their tags, either in tag pairs, or as lone tags / empty elements. Every web page, whether it be a page on Wikipedia, or an article on Which Cryptocurrency […]