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Why Shopify is Number 1 for building eCommerce websites

Why Shopify is Number 1 for building eCommerce websites

In recent years, it’s been quite obvious that a lot of people now prefer shopping online to purchasing from a physical store. And this is the very reason why a lot of sellers today, are now moving to create their online stores.

So as a marketer, I thought to myself, if other sellers are moving their stores online, why shouldn’t I? And so I decided to give it a shot.

But there was a problem. And that was on how do I would go about selling online, when I don’t even have a clue on how to create an online store, host and do the rest.

Lost and confused, I had to do some research. And it was in my endless quest for the best e-commerce platform, that I stumbled upon Shopify.

Shopify Milestone Stats
Shopify are ‘THE’ biggest player in global eCommerce and website stores. Just by having a quick glance over these Shopify figures and stats, you can see that the platform means serious business.

Now, as a Shopify user of 3 years – I have decided to write up my thoughts on why Shopify is hands down the best option when it comes to e-commerce, and why you should definitely give it a shot.

But before we get into that – what exactly is Shopify?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a great E-commerce platform that gives you a space to set up your own online store, and sell whatever products you want to.

In other words, with Shopify, you can own an online store of your choice and make, and then sell whatever you want from the comfort of your home.

Shopify Store Example 1
Shopify stores are used to sell a huge range of consumer goods – from furniture, chocolates, clothing and drinks, through to gym equipment and pet supplies!

Who Typically Uses Shopify?

If you’re a newbie in the e-commerce business, with no knowledge at all on programming languages – then Shopify might well be for you!

Web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, etc, are used to build a fully functioning online store, but they require time and skill to learn and master.

Perhaps you would really love to market your product to millions of audiences worldwide, without the need for all that code? – if so, then Shopify is what you need!

Shopify Code Versus Frontend
Using a website building tool such as Shopify means that you don’t need to understand or tinker with any of that code which lies underneath. All you need to do is focus on your products and how you want your shop to look and function.

Now here are some of the top reasons why Shopify is not just the best e-commerce platform on the internet, but why it is always preferred to, over the rest.

Reasons to use Shopify

1. Its Hosting legacy

Of all the e-commerce platforms present online, Shopify was the very first to make use of CDN (Content Delivery Network), the biggest network sever. And today, Shopify can now boast of hosting more than 500,000 stores.

Shopify Stats and Benefits
Shopify’s underlying platform and infrastructure make sure that your site is always available, compliant, and ready to handle whatever volumes of customer traffic you throw at it.

So, if you’re looking for the most reliable place to host your online store, where you won’t wake up one morning just to meet a non-existent store, then Shopify is where you want to be.

2. Full Control

The best thing about using Shopify is that unlike other e-commerce platforms, with its “self hosted” service, you have total control over your online store.

This monopoly includes the type of design you would love, when to run it, and so on. In summary, you decide whatever happens in your store.

Shopify Admin Backend 1
With the Shopify platform – you have full control of your product inventory, your sales channels and marketing campaigns, your store’s theme, design, logos and imagery. All of this is made available for you to control with the easy to use Shopify admin interface.

3. Supports Different Languages

Unarguably, this is the very reason why most marketers choose Shopify over the rest. With Shopify, no matter where you’re from, or where your customers will be coming from, Asia, Europe, South America, just anywhere; language will never be a barrier, with Shopify plugins such as the language translator.

And speaking of plugins.

4. Plugins

Another reason why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform is that, it comes with lots of plugins that will help simplify things for you as a seller.

These plugins include types like the translation plugin, sales tracker that you can use in monitoring your sales pattern and so on.

Shopify and App Integrations
Shopify offers a range of great apps, plugins and integrations with key online marketing tools and sales channels – such as Oberlo, Amazon and Facebook.

5. Professional Themes

As a marketer, you should know the importance of creating a good first impression. And that the best way to do this, is by getting your online store a professional theme.

Shopify has a library of over a 100+ Premium Themes in their archive.

Shopify Themes Page
Regardless of your product or industry vertical, the Shopify Theme Store will have a theme which is a good fit for you. And if they don’t, or you want some bespoke tweaks – you can find approved Shopify Theme Developers to do that work for you too.

These elegant themes include Brooklyn (free), Narrative (free), Debut (free), Parallax, Jumpstart (free), Boundless (free), Empire, Canopy, Retina and so on.

Many of these themes are clean and ‘classical’, due to their responsiveness and elegant appearance.

6. Payment Methods

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, where you could loose a potential customer as a result of not having their preferred payment method, Shopify supports virtually every payment gateway you could ever think of.

Payment gateways such as, Credit & Debit Cards, Cash on Delivery (COD), Net Banking, Wallets, Bank Transfer, UPI, EMI’s, and PayPal. Other payment companies supported by Shopify are Worldpay, SagePay, Realex, and PaymentSense.

Shopify Payment Processing Options
A huge attraction and selling point of Shopify is the integrated payments solution. Many new store owners don’t want to have to deal with customers payment details and have to think about integrating with all the various payment methods. With Shopify – that’s all taken care of for you.

With these payment methods, there is just no way you’re going to lose any customer as a result of not having their payment method available, a problem that is common in every other e-commerce websites out there.

If you have a very large online store, or ambitions of quickly growing one, then perhaps you should consider Shopify Plus which is Shopify’s enterprise-grade product and support package.

In Conclusion

So, if you’re looking for a secure, reliable, and simple yet profession e-commerce platform where you could build your online store without having any pre knowledge of programming – then Shopify is your best option.

Try it out with the 2-week Free Trial of Shopify today…

Happy selling!

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