Outsource your Podcast creation in 2021 with Co-fruition

Outsource Podcast creation in 2023 to Co-fruition for great results!

Looking to outsource Podcast creation? – why not try Co-fruition?

Looking to increase the reach of your brand, your message or your products and reach new customers with a Podcast? That’s great! There’s mounting evidence to show the value of adding a Podcast alongside your other channels (your website, your social media, your offline and online advertising etc.).

Ok, so where’s the opportunity to outsource this and leverage the potential of having a freelancer or an agency do this for you?


If you’re interested in doing a Podcast show right, you might want to consider outsourcing the work to a dedicated agency, such a Co-fruition.

Co-fruition are a fantastic outfit based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. They know Podcasts. They know how to record them, set them up, publish them through iTunes and the other broadcasting channels, and how to grow your audience and listenership.

Whilst you’re checking out the Co-fruition website, be sure to signup to the new Co-fruition email newsletter. In it, the team focus on advice for how to hire the right freelancers, how to out-source certain aspects of your business and make yourself more time efficient and successful.

It’s a great read!


Other ways to outsource Podcast creation

If you’re looking to outsource Podcast creation, then you’ll want to check out the best Freelance digital work platforms to help you find a freelancer who is good at Podcast creation, editing and production.

We’d typically recommend that you try Fiverr as a first port of call, but we also have a great post on Alternatives to Fiverr and the Best Places to find Freelancers in 2021.