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List Of Free Bitcoin Games – 10 Web & Mobile Games to Earn Free Bitcoin

List Of Free Bitcoin Games – 10 Web & Mobile Games to Earn Free Bitcoin

Looking for Free Bitcoin Games? You’ve come to the right place – read on to discover our list of Free Bitcoin Games…

Free Bitcoin Games

There are now lots of games, both on websites and mobile apps – which let you play virtual games with increments of Bitcoin as the stakes.

They often will do this for marketing or advertising purposes…

They may have been given a pot of money in Bitcoin by a large advertiser, and to get those adverts in front of enough people, they are drawing you in to their product with the promise of Bitcoin, and then paying out in Bitcoin as a sort of ‘advertising profit share’ if you like.

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Free Bitcoin Games are an exciting and growing marketplace.

Below is a review and list of some of the better Free Bitcoin Games in the Mobile App space which we’ve come across. Available on both Android and iOS (iPhone)…

The Blockchain Game

The Blockchain Game Icon

Available on both iPhone and Android.

The Blockchain Game is named after ‘Blockchain’, the technology behind Bitcoin.

It’s a pretty simple game where the aim is to tap the screen and build a chain of blocks as long as you possibly can. The longer you ‘block chain’ is, the higher tiers of Bitcoin rewards you will access.

It’s a fun way of accruing increments of Bitcoin over time, but as is to be expected – there are lots of in-app adverts in the form of short videos, which you have to watch either when you miss-place a block, or when you ‘go up a level’ and access the next tier of Bitcoin rewards.

The Blockchain Game 1
The Blockchain Game 2

Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin Icon

This one is our favourite!

It’s completely advert free, an engaging game, and pays out the best.

A very trusty and reliable Bitcoin Faucet which lets you roll a virtual dice or score counter up to once and hour. The app then rewards you with increments of Bitcoin depending on the probability of you achieving certain high scores. It’s available as a dedicated iOS App for iPhone (search “Free Bitcoin” in the AppStore or click here to download).

To open an account (all completely free), you just add your Bitcoin wallet address and your email address, setup a password and you’re good to start.

To open the Faucet and roll your dice, you usually have to pass a simple ‘Captcha’ form… one of those familiar visual tests you often get on sign-up pages to check you’re not a robot.

Free Bitcoin 1
Free Bitcoin 5

Each time you roll also gives you some tickets to a weekly free Bitcoin lottery.

The lottery is quite a cool addition and the prize pot can be huge, relatively speaking, ranging anywhere from 0.02 through to 1.5BTC and beyond.

Free Bitcoin 3
Free Bitcoin 4

Be sure to check out the Free Bitcoin app and have a go for yourself.

And when you sign up, be sure to give us a high-five by adding our referral code: 8887410

Free Bitcoins

Free Bitcoins Icon

Another free Bitcoin Faucet app available on either iPhone or Android. This one is pretty simple, no real game play – just register, log in and then hit the ‘Faucet’ button to claim free Satoshi.

Free Bitcoins 1
Free Bitcoins 2

It is reliable, but a bit heavy on the adverts and the payouts are quite small – the similarly named Free Bitcoin App reviewed above pays out much better (just remember to add in our referral code of 8887410 when you first register!).

Bitcoin Popper

Bitcoin Popper Icon

Another fun mobile app game, this time for Android only.

Has quite a few good reviews on the Google Play Store.

Bitcoin Popper 1
Bitcoin Popper 3

To play, you just pop bubbles to reveal stars, and then try to collect 3+ of the same type. You can then also then multiply your Bitcoin reward by finding more stars of the same type.

Looks quite simple and easy to learn and a fun way to pass time while earning free Bitcoin!

Check it out on the Google Play Store here.

Bitcoin Free

Bitcoin Free Icon

Also available on either iPhone or Android, the Bitcoin Free game is a simple game where you click to play, and a range of different Bitcoin rewards light up as a counter / selector runs through them and lands on one randomly.

Bitcoin Free 3
Bitcoin Free 4

It’s familiar game play and quite fun.

However if you land on a low reward and want to play again, you often have to watch a short video advert first.

Also has bonus pots when you land on one of the ‘BIG’ squares – which will multiply your reward, which makes things a bit more exciting!

Wheel of Satoshi

Wheel of Satoshi Icon

This one is a simple game where you spin a roulette-style wheel.

On the wheel are different amounts of Satoshi rewards, and depending on which segment of the wheel the pointer randomly stops on – that’s your winnings in Satoshi.

Wheel of Satoshi 1
Wheel of Satoshi 3

Check it out on the Google Play Store here.

Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens Icon

Bitcoin Aliens (available on iPhone only) is good fun and downright daft!

The aim of the game is to tap the screen multiple times to ‘kill’ an alien.

The aliens become progressively harder to kill as you move through the levels. They get smaller, move around the screen faster and multiply.

Bitcoin Aliens 2
Bitcoin Aliens 3

It’s good fun. However it seems to take a long time to get anywhere of any worth / earn any decent amount of Satoshi.

Alien Run

Alien Run Icon

Available on the Google Play Store only (as far as we can tell!).

This one is a fun puzzle run type game where you have an Alien character and you have to move through levels of increasing complexity.

Alien Run 1
Alien Run 4

Each time you move up a level you can access a higher reward in Satoshi. As is to be expected – contains adverts.

Free Bitcoin Slots

Free Bitcoin Slots Icon

The Free Bitcoin Slots game is available for both iPhone and Android.

It’s a pretty good ‘slot machine’ based game where you click to spin the slots. You then win various amounts of Satoshi depending on what comes up on the slots screen.

Free Bitcoin Slots 3
Free Bitcoin Slots 4

There is a limit on how often you can play. This was once every half hour last time we checked.

The payouts are also relatively small.

Again – if you want better payouts and consistency, maybe try the Free Bitcoin app reviewed above. As always – remember to add in our referral code of 8887410 when you first register!

Free Bitcoin Spins

Free Bitcoin Spins Icon

Another slot machine spinner. Also available on both iPhone and Android devices!

Free Bitcoin Spins 1
Free Bitcoin Spins 2

Have some suggestions of other Bitcoin Games for our list? Why not let us know and Contact Us.