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List Of Free Bitcoin Faucets – 6 of the Best Free Bitcoin Faucets Available Online

List Of Free Bitcoin Faucets – 6 of the Best Free Bitcoin Faucets Available Online

Here you’ll find a well researched, and useful quick-link list of Free Bitcoin Faucets.

A list of the best Free Bitcoin Faucets available today

It’s not exhaustive, and it certainly doesn’t have every single Bitcoin Faucet in the world on it. But it’s a good start and we make some recommendations below for the ones we’ve either used or heard good things about.

While researching Bitcoin Faucets, we’ve come across many sites and forum pages listing lots of Bitcoin Faucets.

However more often than not a lot of them are now defunct and take you to dormant web domains or re-direct to advertising sites. Finding reliable Free Bitcoin Faucets can be a bit of a minefield and there’s a lot of trash out there.

Not to worry though! We’ve done the hard work for you…

Below are the ones which we have found to exist and which appear to be worth our time and effort to claim some Free Bitcoin!

Bitcoin in Back Pocket

If you know of anymore, please feel free to get in touch and let us know! We’ll add more as we come across them in due course…

Free Bitcoin Faucets – 1Katoshi is a nice, easy to use Bitcoin Faucet website which offers varying amounts of free Satoshi (increments of Bitcoin), depending on what score (0-999) you roll on a virtual dice. The minimum win is 1 Satoshi, the maximum is 1000 Satoshi.

We’ve often won the 1000 which is quite a nice surprise when it happens! You can also roll up to 10 times a day, but have to wait a least 5mins between each roll.

Note: it is a reliable site, but just watch out for / put up with the usual amount of adverts and pop-ups. A minor pain, just cancel down any additional windows it opens (usually to another Bitcoin related partner site).


Free Bitcoin Faucets –

Our personal favourite.

From all our research and reading, this one is well established and is well trusted within the Bitcoin community.

Once you’ve completed the super easy registration. Just add your Bitcoin wallet public address and your email address. After that you’re free to play the game and roll the virtual dice / number counter once every hour.

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To play and win your Bitcoin, just complete a simple Captcha check, and then depending on what number you score, you’ll access and win a different tier / amount of Bitcoin.

The max win is quite high too! Plus theres a free lottery bundled into where you can win one of 10 weekly prizes – the top prize giving out over 1BTC each week!

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Free Bitcoin Faucets –

This is one which we’ve come across only recently. Seems fairly good.

Another simple Captcha check for (“click all the boxes which contain cars”!), enter your public Bitcoin wallet address and you’re away.

In the explanation it says that everyone is paid 6000 Satoshi at least once and that payments are all sent out once an hour. However it doesn’t give much further info on how much you win each time.

Worth investigating and giving a go.


Free Bitcoin Faucets –

A free Bitcoin site with a twist, the idea here is that you break a crate and win whatever amount of Bitcoin is awaiting you inside.

Sounds fun, but haven’t had much success with this one yet though. The site tends to be either out of Bitcoin or down for maintenance / paying out fees.


Free Bitcoin Faucets – The Bitcoin Faucet

We came across this one recently, and while it appears to be an interesting concept, it also appears to be dead. For now at least.

The idea is that everyone donates a small amount of their own Bitcoin into a ‘winner’s pot’, a randomised game is played and a single winner walks away with the loot.

Unfortunately it looks as though this was one of the earliest Bitcoin Faucets and hasn’t been maintained. The datestamps on the last payouts are from 2013!

Would be cool to see it running again though.

Visit The Bitcoin Faucet

Free Bitcoin Faucets –

Another new one on the radar. A simple Captcha based faucet, but with lots of adverts hanging around the periphery. Pays out in Satoshi, and offers the chance to play / make a claim every 10mins.

We haven’t had much luck with this one yet in truth. The site does also seem to try re-direct us to an ICO splash page every now and then too, which is a little annoying!

Will update when we’ve had more time to review it.


Free Bitcoin Faucets – Which is best?

From research, and personal experience to date, we’d have to rank and recommend highest.