Introducing Liquid and the Liquid WorldBook

Introducing Liquid & The Liquid World Book – A Future #1 Resource for Crypto Exchanges?

Liquid and The Liquid World Book

Heard good things about a cryptocurrency exchange called Liquid, their QASH token, or their exciting ‘World Book’?

You’ve come to the right place!

The Liquid World Book – Ok, so explain what Liquid is?

Put simply, Liquid is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, based in Japan.

Liquid is similar to a lot of other existing cryptocurrency exchanges, in that it provides you with a place to buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Liquid also let’s you use your ‘fiat’ currency to buy your crypto. Your preference might be £USD or €EUR, and in most cases, the Liquid crypto exchange has you covered.

*Updated Jan 2023 – Liquid was acquired by FTX in 2021-22. FTX then filed for Bankruptcy in late 2022, and as a result the Liquid business and exchange has also ceased trading.

Liquid by Quoine Image

Liquid is a fantastic product and a very good cryptocurrency exchange platform. With Liquid you can quickly access a very wide number of cryptocurrency pairings – whether that be USD/BTC, EUR/ETH, or BTC/QASH for example.

As of early 2018, Liquid has been facilitating over $12 billion USD in transactions on a yearly basis. Something, which sets Liquid apart from a lot of other exchanges, is that it is also fully regulated in Japan, and has an excellent track record and reputation.

The Liquid Crypto Exchange – Previously called Qryptos (Pronounced “Cryptos”)

Liquid was originally launched in 2014, under the early brand name of Qryptos, so it’s been operational for some time now. It is very secure, and comes highly recommended and trusted by its large and ever-growing international user base.

Quoinex and Qryptos Info

Liquid is an exciting new product, aimed squarely at providing new levels of liquidity and accessibility to cryptocurrency markets around the world. The Liquid World Book is a key piece of technology which enables this new level of liquidity on the Liquid cryptocurrency exchange markets.

Introducing the Liquid World Book

The big vision and unique product proposition behind Liquid is the levels of trading liquidity which it aims to offer.

Liquid goes a significant way towards delivering against Quoine’s company mission statement – to simplify the crypto exchange experience and give access to premium financial services to the many, not just the few. The Liquid platform is all about bringing liquidity to the numerous and very distributed cryptocurrency markets around the world.

Liquid WorldBook Branding

To help explain what the Liquid platform does, it’s worth taking a step back to look at the problem.

At present, many cryptocurrency exchanges suffer from a distinct lack of ‘liquidity’. Put simply, liquidity is a measure of how much supply is available to meet demand. If lots of people want to buy, and there are lots of sellers willing to sell – then transactions will flow, and the marketplace will be very ‘liquid’. Unfortunately this often isn’t the case for many cryptocurrency exchange markets at the minute.

An inherent problem of setting up a new cryptocurrency exchange is finding enough buyers and sellers and introducing them to each other quickly enough.

Each cryptocurrency exchange has its own ‘pool’ of users, kind of like its own ‘share of the market’ – but the market isn’t yet fully connected. Users on one exchange can’t make trades with users on another.

The liquidity is in-effect being held or ‘siloed’ in these smaller pools of liquidity on disconnected exchanges.

Enter – the Liquid World Book

That is the problem being tackled by the Liquid platform. Liquid will connect many of these exchanges and pool their order books together to create one large ‘World Book’. The Liquid World Book will essentially allow for matching a buyer on one exchange, with a seller on another, and will vastly improve market liquidity across the cryptocurrency world.

Liquid WorldBook Diagram

The Liquid platform and the Liquid World Book are desperately needed by the crypto world. The benefits will be huge. In anticipation of the launch of Liquid and the World Book, many crypto speculators are now monitoring the QASH token with great interest.

General consensus is that QASH is currently under-valued. With the anticipated utility and benefit that Liquid and the World Book will bring – the market value of QASH could foreseeably multiple many times over the next year and beyond.

Qash Coin Image

Quoine launched their own cryptocurrency token called QASH (read as “Cash”), back in November 2017. QASH is a very exciting token, which will be used to power and transact on the upcoming Liquid platform.

  • Signup to Liquid here *(Now defunct).