How to make money using Fiverr as a Freelance Seller

How to Make Money using Fiverr and become a Successful Freelance Seller in 2023

This article tackles the question of exactly how do you make money using Fiverr? Read on to find out…

Fiverr is one of the most well-known of the freelancer platforms online.

Back in 2016, Fiverr burst onto the mainstream stage and invested in a huge multi-million-dollar ad campaign called “In Doers We Trust.”

That Ad campaign:

“positions Fiverr to seize today’s emerging zeitgeist of entrepreneurial flexibility, rapid experimentation, and doing more with less. It pushes against bureaucratic overthinking, analysis-paralysis, and excessive whiteboarding.”

(PR Newswire)

The Fiverr platform allows business to get affordable services quickly and easily, and creatives to connect with buyers earn a living.

10 ways to make money using Fiverr

There are more than ten ways to make money on Fiverr. These ten ways are the potentially quicker and easier ways to earn money.

With that said, if you invest the requisite time and energy into Fiverr, it can become your primary source of income. It is the sort of online service that allows sellers to build a solid platform with which to grow a respectable income.

Fiverr Website Screenshot 1
[In the last few years, Fiverr has really cemented its place as one of the best online digital work platforms and places to find freelancers. But for Freelancers themselves, there are many ways to make money with Fiverr]

1. Make money using Fiverr – Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the more popular services on Fiverr. It’s broken down into:

  • Social media management
  • Social content
  • Profile setup & integration
  • Consultation & audience research

The most sort after of these services is creating social content. Business and entrepreneurs are always looking for more ways to drive traffic to their websites. And if you can produce Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest content quickly, there is plenty of work out there for you.

Social Media Creative Writing
[Social Media services are in high-demand around the World. For most businesses – their Social Media requirements typically lend themselves well to being outsourced, rather than having a full-time resource on staff]

Businesses are also looking for suggestions, recommendations and plans. If you can whip up an effective social media plan, this is another great way to make money.

2. Make money using Fiverr – Write well and write quickly

Everyone can write. But not everyone can write well. If you’re a good writer who can churn out copy quickly, you can earn quite a good weekly income on Fiverr. The main thing to do is to write high quality content at a reliable pace so that your buyers will want to keep hiring you.

There are quite a number of writing services on Fiver, and they’re broken down into:

  • Articles & blog posts
  • Website content
  • Podcast writing
  • Book & eBook writing
  • Proofreading & editing
  • White papers
  • Product descriptions
  • Resume writing
  • Cover letters
  • Case studies
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Scriptwriting
Typing onto a Blank Laptop Screen
[Content Writing services are in very high demand on Fiverr. Whether that be for blog or article writing, website copy, product descriptions, reviews, PR or news releases]
  • Creative writing
  • Technical writing
  • Research and summaries
  • Speechwriting
  • Email copy
  • Business names and slogans
  • Legal writing
  • Transcripts
  • Press releases
  • Sales copy

If you are looking to make good, easy money, blogging is your best bet. Blogging, while it does take a little time to get into, is the simplest in terms of churning out the most quality copy at volume.

With so many categories, it is simply a matter of finding the right aspect of writing that works for you. If you can hammer out 4-500 words every 20 minutes, you can make about $20 to $30 an hour.

This category on Fiverr is probably the noisiest and most competitive. Oddly enough, this can work in your favour. If you can showcase how good of a writer you are, it’s not all that difficult to get noticed.

Fiverr Website Screenshot 9
[With such a spectrum of content writers, quality and price points on Fiverr, its actually not that hard for a quality writer to rise to the top, differentiate themselves and win a lot of work]

The thing to keep in mind is you may have to start low, even if you’re already a brilliant professional-grade writer. It’s the easiest way to convince people of your worth—that and delivering quality work on time, every time.

3. Make money using Fiverr – Marketing Software

Whether it’s generating traffic of helping increase follower count on social profiles, there is marketing software which can send real traffic to social sites or even direct to specific websites to improve SEO. This helps to increase the number of real people following social accounts, and also to build domain authority (DA) for your clients.

This is a much sort-after service, and when done properly, is one that can quickly generate a ridiculous amount of repeat sales.

20 Dollar Bills Tucked Under Laptop
[Quick and easy or ‘Rinse & Repeat’ gigs can quickly become cash cows for savvy Freelancers on Fiverr. if you can find the right price point and streamline your workflows, you can quickly turn out high volumes of these small but high traffic gigs]

4.  Make money using Fiverr – Research Assistant

Research and summaries fall under the writing and translation category of Fiverr. Many buyers are looking for people to help them research and summarise content in order to help them write.

Doing research can be quick and easy if it’s all you’re being asked to do. If you know how to ask the right questions, it shouldn’t take you long to compile a useful amount of research. If you’re looking to make extra money, you can offer to summarise the key points as well.

5. Make money using Fiverr – Custom Graphics and Drawing (Illustration)

Customised illustrations and graphics are another area that’s in high-demand. With the right software and knowledge, turn-around time on these projects can be as little as an hour, making it a lucrative prospect for graphic designers.

Fiverr Website Screenshot 11
[Custom Graphics and Illustration are a thriving marketplace on Fiverr]

This also bleeds into the social media arena to some extent, as many businesses want custom graphics and artwork for their social content. That’s in addition to artwork assets for their website and email marketing.

The other way graphic designers can make money is through deep-etching photos. So many people are on Fiverr looking for someone who can quickly and easily remove a background, and if you’ve got the skill and software, this is another way to make good money.

6. Make money using Fiverr – Virtual Assistant

This one really does depend on the country you’re in. If $8USD to $12USD goes far, then selling a couple of hours of your time doing virtual assistant work can be a decent way to make living.

7. Make money using Fiverr – Business Cards

Designing business cards is still in high demand. Even in our current digital age, there’s something impressive about a good-looking, well presented business card. If you have even basic graphic design skills this is a high-demand area of graphic design that you should consider.

Blank Business Cards and Branding
[Business Cards, Branding Assets & Logos – another obvious design service which a lot of customers are actively searching for on Fiverr]

8. Make money using Fiverr – Flyers and Brochures

Another job for graphic designers is designing online flyers and brochures. These are typically used by businesses and entrepreneurs to explain their new products and services. They are marketing materials, used to entice new business and incentivise existing business to come back.

Graphic designers who can design brochures for print and digital have an opportunity on Fiverr to generate a steady stream of income through their graphic design work.

Colour Swatches and iPad
[Good at designing marketing assets such as Flyers or Brochures? – there’s a lot of money to be made on Fiverr doing just that]

It can also open the door for other types of graphic design work. Quite often when buyers find a good, affordable, reliable seller, they tend to stick to them and ask for more.

Using the messaging function on Fiverr, buyers will sometimes ask sellers if they offer services not listed on their job board. They do this not because they haven’t looked at what a seller offers, but because they’re happy with the work and will want to keep working with who they know deliver quality work reliably.

A seller might only offer one or two very specific gigs, but then a buyer might really like their creative style. They buyer may have something in mind which is similar to what the seller has already produced, but varies in brief slightly, and might require a “Custom Gig”.

9. Make money using Fiverr – 30-second Explainer Videos

These have been popular since Fiverr’s inception in 2010. This is because 30-second explainer videos work well on most social media platforms and websites. They are great as promo pieces, explaining products and services as well as for general news and stories.

Video Editing Software On Screen
[Digital Video Production and Editing is another high-demand skill on Fiverr. If you’re good at putting together video edits or product explainer animations, there’s a lot of opportunity in this space]

If you’re the sort of videographer who can create these quickly and efficiently, you’ll find an audience on Fiverr eager for your services. As long as your pricing is right, and as long as you can turn them over quickly, you could be onto a winner quickly. There are plenty of templates out there that can make this a 1-to-2-hour job per gig.

When you’re starting out on Fiverr, doing quick and cheap jobs is the best way to build yourself up and generate new business.

10. Make money using Fiverr – SEO Research

Undertaking keyword research as well as SEO site audits is really quite easy work, and straightforward. You can run a site audit in about 5 minutes (depending on how big the website is). So, if you were to charge $10USD for a site audit, you can make quite a bit of cash, and do it quickly.

Keyword research also isn’t difficult. The same SEO analysis tools you use for a site audit can, generally, be used for keyword research.

SEO Scrabble Letters on Wooden Surface
[Keyword Research and SEO Strategy and Optimisation is another great service to sell on Fiverr]

Keyword research is literally inputting some keywords or topics and producing a report breaking down keyword research. Because SEO is vital to online business success, there’s a high demand right now for all things SEO-related.

In Summary – How to make money using Fiverr

Being fast and affordable on Fiverr is important when starting out. It will help you build a reputation as a good and reliable freelancer. But selling your services as low-mid range prices doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. Fiverr has its own ranking system for sellers.

This is awarded on merit, taking into account a combination of income earned, having good reviews (an average of 4.6-star rating), responding quickly and delivering work.

As you move up the Fiverr seller rankings, you can start to charge more and take your time with each gig.

Four 20 Dollar Bills in Hand
[The opportunity to make money with Fiverr is BIG. If you want to earn just a side income from a few gigs, then that’s fine, but you can also scale up your ambitions and earnings and make Fiverr the main source of your Freelance work pipeline]

Cheap and quick is fine. But as your price goes up, so too do your customer’s expectations. Which is fine, in principle. The aim, over a long period of time though, is to create for yourself a solid base with which to make a viable income. Or, at least, to turn Fiverr into another revenue stream.

As a freelancer it might also not be a bad idea to ensure you have an online presence separate to Fiverr. Preferably your own website or blog that you own and that you can use to generate new clients with.

At first, you won’t need this. Fiverr can be enough when you start off. It’s easy to set up; easy to post jobs, and then you can start looking for jobs. But having more than one platform or inlet for people to find your and order your services, is smart marketing for any freelancer.

Circling back round on Fiverr though, choosing one of the 10 above-mentioned areas to start working in, is a great way to get started and make decent money on Fiverr.

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