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Earn Free Bitcoins – The Best Place to Claim Free Bitcoins in 2023

Earn Free Bitcoins – A Guide to the Best Place to claim Free Bitcoins in 2023

The best place to earn Free Bitcoins!

Earn Free Bitcoins – Come and claim some Free Bitcoins!

There are a range of websites and mobile apps out there offering free Bitcoins. We cover many of them in our posts on this site, but by far our favourite has to be FreeBitco.in

FreeBitco.in is an excellent Bitcoin Faucet site. However it doesn’t just offer a simple Bitcoin faucet and small increments of Bitcoin. It also offers the chance to win much larger sums (over 1BTC at a time even!), through a range of features including the Free Bitcoin Faucet, a “Hi-Lo’ game, and a Bitcoin Lottery.

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You can even earn interest on your Bitcoin balance if you retain a certain minimum in your account over on FreeBitco.in (over 4% per anum!).

Earn Free Bitcoins – How does it work?

It’s pretty simple really, you can use either the website (FreeBitco.in), or the dedicated iOS App for iPhone (search “Free Bitcoins” in the AppStore). To open an account is quick, easy and all completely free. You just add your Bitcoin wallet address and your email address, setup a password and you’re good to go.

In the mobile app, you can “roll a virtual dice” or number counter once an hour.

Depending on the number you roll, you then receive a certain amount of free Bitcoin (BTC).

The range of numbers and corresponding amounts of Bitcoin are based on probability. So it’s harder to get the bigger numbers which win you the larger amounts of Bitcoin. However don’t be dis-heartened if you keep wining the smallest amount of Bitcoin.

Our editors have won a larger amount once or twice quite early on within the first week or so of playing.

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Before you can roll and win your Bitcoin, you usually have to pass a ‘Captcha’.

A Captcha form is one of those familiar visual tests you often get on sign-up pages to check you’re not a robot. This is usually a 2-3 second task, and is an easy trade for what you can win really.

Each time you roll and win some Bitcoin, FreeBitco.in also gives you some tickets to it’s weekly free Bitcoin Lottery.

The Lottery is quite a cool addition and the prize pot can be huge, relatively speaking.

The raffle is drawn once a week and randomly picks 10 users who hold tickets, and awards free Bitcoin. The raffle prize typically ranges anywhere from 0.02 through to 1.5BTC and beyond.

Given that the price of Bitcoin has hit $50,000+ (£36,000+) recently, that’s nothing to be laughed at!

Earn Free Bitcoins – Why do they do it?

A lot of these sites make their money from advertising, or from your completing tasks such as a simple Captcha form, or visiting sites, doing surveys etc.

FreeBitco.in does a similar thing, so don’t worry – you’re time and attention is paying off for them in some way!

Earn Free Bitcoins – Try it out:

Be sure to check out FreeBitco.in and have a go for yourself.

If you want to download the app too that can be found in the Apple AppStore.

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Best of luck, and have fun!

Earn Free Bitcoins – Where to next?

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If you’re interested in buying and selling Crypto, then you have a few options. You can use an established trading app like eToro or Plus500, or you can try out one of the many new dedicated Cryptocurrency Exchanges.