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  • Which Cryptocurrency Exchange should I trust in 2021?

    Which Cryptocurrency Exchange should I trust

    Which Cryptocurrency Exchange should I trust? We now have a huge range of cryptocurrency exchanges available to us, and new ones arrive on the scene regularly. This means that knowing which one is best, or which one to trust can be a daunting decision when it comes to buying your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. How […]

  • What is Bitcoin? 6 Minute Read and Quick Guide

    What Is Bitcoin

    What is Bitcoin? A guide to everything you need to know – all things blockchain, price bubbles and the future of your money. No doubt you’ll have heard of Bitcoin recently in the press following it’s sensational price surge through the last year, so if you’re here and reading this article then you’ll want to […]

  • Uncovered – Great Reasons to Open a Challenger Bank Account in 2021

    Why open a Challenger Bank account in 2021

    Why open a Challenger Bank account in 2021 In this Guest Post – we explore why you should consider opening a challenger bank account for yourself in 2021… So basically, opposition has found its way into virtually every sector of human life. From nature, such as in the endless battle between light against darkness, now […]

  • What Is Cold Storage and What Is A Hot Wallet? – 3 Minute Quick Read

    What Are Hot Wallets and What Is Cold Storage

    What Is Cold Storage and What Is A Hot Wallet? – A Simple Guide In this quick read, we’ll take a look at exactly what Hot Wallets are, and demystify the Blockchain concept of Cold Storage and Bitcoin Wallets. If you’ve been reading up on Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain or paying attention to news outlets, […]

  • What is Plus500 and why you should use it to Buy and Sell Crypto

    What is Plus500 and why you should use it to Buy and Sell Crypto

    Guest Post – What is Plus500 and why you should use it to buy and sell your shares and crypto! If we are being honest with ourselves, you’d agree with me that other than blogging, or running a YouTube channel, crypto trading is the next best thing. And that is the very reason why people […]

  • Why Use Bitcoin? – 3 Minute Read on the Benefits of Using Bitcoin

    Why Use Bitcoin - Benefits Of Using Bitcoin

    Why Use Bitcoin? With advancements in technology, Bitcoin has seemed to gain the financial market by quite the storm. It is a new and improved way of conducting digital transactions and has enjoyed a high demand since its inception. There are many uses of Bitcoin that we’re going to discuss later but first let’s look […]

  • The Basics of Bitcoin – A Quick Guide for Success with Bitcoin in 2021

    The Basics of Bitcoin

    The Basics of Bitcoin – What Is Bitcoin? Bitcoin first emerged in the year of 2009. Bitcoin has gained quite a lot of popularity since then due to a number of key reasons. Primarily, people who wish to remain anonymous are attracted towards the new technology since transfers through Bitcoins are not easily monitored by […]

  • How To Store Bitcoins – Best Methods in 2021

    How to store Bitcoins

    How To Store Bitcoins – User Guide for the best ways to store Bitcoin in 2021 Bitcoins are an extremely popular form of digital money. They are known as a cryptocurrency because they are virtual assets, a new form of digital currency which is secured through cryptographic encryption. Bitcoins are used all over the globe […]

  • How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin – 4 Steps To Trading Bitcoin

    How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin

    How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin – User Guide on How To Trade Bitcoin Technology has revolutionised all aspects of our lives. Even our assets have become digital in recent times. One prime example of this is cryptocurrency, which is a virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and is based on blockchain technology. The […]

  • What is Ethereum? – 2021 Simple Explainer on Ethereum, Ether and Decentralized Apps

    What is Ethereum

    What is Ethereum? – The Ethereum Ecosystem Explained Ethereum is widely regarded as the second strongest cryptocurrency (just behind Bitcoin), but in order to be able to understand Ethereum, you must first have a good understanding of the Internet. In today’s world, we often find that our financial information, data, and passwords are stored on […]

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