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  • Who Invented The World Wide Web? – An Easy 5 Minute Read

    Who Invented The World Wide Web

    Ever wondered just who invented the World Wide Web? Read on to find out here… Who Invented The World Wide Web – The Invention of the World Wide Web The World Wide Web, common terminologies and abbreviations; the Web, WWW, and W3. The World Wide Web is a vast collection and system of interlinked documents […]

  • Who Invented The Internet? – A Quick 2 Minute Read

    Who Invented The Internet

    Ever wondered just Who invented The Internet? Read on to find out more… Who invented the Internet? The origins of what we now know as the Internet can be traced back to the 1950’s and the development of early electronic computers. In the 1960’s the US government commissioned research with the aim of developing means […]

  • What Is Web Hosting? – Easy to Digest 3 Minute Read

    What Is Web Hosting

    Just what is Web Hosting exactly? What Is Web Hosting? – Hosting the files that make up your website All websites are made up of a collection of data files containing content to be read by a web browser (Safari, Google Chrome etc.) and presented to an end user (you). These files are transferred between […]

  • What Is The Internet? – 3 Minute Quick Read

    What Is The Internet

    Ever wondered just what is the Internet? What Is The Internet? – The Internet Put Simply… The Internet, common terminologies; the Net, the World Wide Web, and The Web. The Internet comprises a global network of interconnected computer networks. All of these networks use a common Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to communicate with one another. […]

  • What Is HTML? – 3 Minute Quick Read

    What is HTML

    HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the primary markup language used to write (code) web pages and other information that can be read and displayed by a web browser. What Is HTML? – What is a Markup Language? A markup language is in essence a system of purposeful annotations placed around the text […]

  • What Is CSS? – 3 Minute Quick Read

    What Is CSS

    Ever wondered what is CSS exactly? Read on to find out more… CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is what’s known as a stylesheet language, used to describe the layout and presentation of a document produced in a markup language, most typically HTML. The most common and everyday use of CSS is in styling […]

  • What Is Bitcoin? A Simple Overview in 2021

    What is Bitcoin

    What Is Bitcoin? A Simple Overview in 2021 Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency. It was first created around 2008-2009 by an unknown developer or group of developers using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is the first and most prominent member of a family of currencies now commonly referred to as Cryptocurrency. The name […]

  • What Is A Domain Name? – An Easy 5 Minute Read

    What is a Domain Name

    What is a Domain Name? – An overview and guide Ok, so exactly what is a Domain Name? Put simply, a website domain name is the alphanumeric name associated with your website, and which is used to find and access your website across the Internet. Typically a domain name will be easy for humans to […]

  • What Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange? + Our Top 5 Recommendations

    What Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange

    You may have heard of a lot of new websites springing up recently which are being referred to as ‘Cryptocurrency Exchanges’. You might have heard of Coinbase, Binance or Bitfinex, but what exactly are they? This article aims to give a quick background and bit of insight into what a cryptocurrency exchange is. We take […]

  • What Are The Best Web Hosting Options in 2021?

    Best Web Hosting Options

    When it comes to figuring out what to do and where to go for web hosting, it can be confusing at times! Put simply – either host your website yourself, or pay a 3rd party service provider to do the hosting for you. The Best Web Hosting Options… Option A: Self-Hosted Hosting yourself is most […]