10 Great Reasons to go Vegan in 2021

10 Great Reasons to go Vegan in 2023

10 Great Reasons to go Vegan in 2023

If you are thinking about going vegan in 2023, here are ten of the best reasons why you should become vegan today. Or alternatively, even if you’re just interested and want to understand the health benefits – Read on!

Veganism has long since stopped being a fad. It’s now a tried and tested, safe diet with more pros than cons.

In our research for the 10 most compelling reasons to go vegan in 2023, we came across two prevalent points. Firstly – it’s good for animals, and secondly – it’s good for you as a human being, your health and your own weight loss.

We’ve included weight loss in this list somewhere, but we don’t want to focus on it.


Healthy diets aren’t the sole domain of people looking to lose weight.

Veganism, and other plant-based diets, are great options for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Vegan Street Food Signs

And yes, being vegan does mean you won’t be eating any sort of animal product. But we felt it was best to find motivators that you could see adn use every day. Like improved fitness and mood, better immunity and digestion, a reduction in risk of illness, and an opportunity to save you money.

We’re not trying to diminish or ignore the very positive impact that going vegan has on the environment. We just thought we’d find some more tangible every day reasons to help motivate you to make the change.

Hold up! – you might be wondering to yourself exactly what is a Vegan diet? If that’s the case, then read our post: What’s the Difference between being Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant Based, or Gluten Free? which will explain it all.

Ten reasons why you should consider going Vegan in 2023

Removing heavily processed foods from your diet and eating a healthy, balanced vegan diet has many benefits to you and your health.

Shared below, we have found the Top Ten reasons why you should go vegan in 2023…

1. Treat current health conditions

A well-planned vegan diet can decrease your risk of health conditions like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, strokes, even Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease.

It has been proposed by some that a vegan plant-based diet can, in some cases, be more effective at treating the above-mentioned diseases than surgery or medication. However, this research is still young and is in no way a substitute for medical advice.

2. Lower risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease

Both heart disease and type 2 diabetes are the most common chronic diseases in the Western world. They are also completely man-made. To prevent cardiovascular disease, or at least lower your risk, is quite simple. Remove animal products rich in cholesterol and saturated fats.

A well-balanced diet without animal products will not only improve the health and function of your arteries, but can also improve or reverse type 2 diabetes.

3. Stay slim (or become slim)

There is some science out there to suggest vegans are the only group of people who average a healthy and normal body mass index.

This has been attributed to the fact that animal products don’t contain carbs but instead are higher in fat. Dietary fat (from animals) is more easily converted into body fat compared to calories ingested through carbohydrates.

Bowl of Fruit

Then there’s also the calorie density of animal products. This calorific density can lead to overeating. Whereas with vegetables and potatoes you can eat as much as you want and stay lean.

4. Improve fitness

It was previously thought, and widely believed – that a lack of animal products would cause a loss of energy or muscles mass. Turns out this is untrue. Mostly because it’s unfounded, with now scientific basis or evidence to back it up.

Turns out that adopting a vegan diet can give you a nice boost of energy and strength. Indeed, it is easier to build lean muscle as you don’t have to worry about the bulking and cutting aspect of weight building.

Also, no matter what sport you’re in, you can get plenty of protein and the best nutrition from a whole food, plant-based diet.

5. Boost your mood

In 2014, through a systematic review of dietary patterns, it was ascertained that eating a plant-based diet tended to help people have healthier mood states such as:

  • Less anxiety
  • Less depression
  • Less anger
  • Less fatigue
  • Less hostility
  • Less tension

This is because of the higher level of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables.

6. Improved digestion and better skin

Did you know that the quality of your digestion and having healthy-looking skin are connected?

A lot of the time, people with acne-prone skin find it goes away when they stop eating dairy. If you get rid of oils, animal products and even some seeds and nuts, you can reduce your acne.

Green Leaves

Water-rich vegetables and fruits can give your skin a boost due to their high amounts of minerals and vitamins. The fibre in these helps with the elimination of toxins which in turn helps to clean up (and clear up) your skin.

7. Go Vegan and help the environment

 The production of meat is a massive drain on World resources. It causes pollution and is one of biggest reasons for deforestation. A number of organisations including the likes of PETA, have gone as far as to say that adopting a vegan diet has more impact than swapping to an environmentally friendly car.

If more people stop eating meat and animal products it will drastically reduce pollution and the negative environmental impact of slaughter houses and land cultivation for the meat industry.

8. Animal products aren’t (technically) necessary

There really isn’t any substantial body of data to say we must eat animal products to stay healthy.

That’s not to say that eating meat is technically bad for you, but it’s not necessary to your survival.

Eating meat is engrained in us through historical social norms and the influence of marketing by the food industry – well, eating certain meats anyway.

However, you will survive, and even thrive, on a diet that completely abstains from animal products. What’s more, you’ll feel better that you’re not contributing to deforestation, pollution and animal cruelty.

A Vegan diet carries a lot of similarities with a Plant Based diet. if you’d like to read more about the benefits of a Plant Based diet, go read: Why You Should Try a Plant-Based Diet in 2023

9. Reduce risk of illness

Eating a balanced vegan diet means you’re less likely to develop cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes compared to meat eaters.

This is due to the healthy components present in a vegan diet compared to the hormones, pesticides and other drugs put into animal products.

10.     Better for your wallet

The vegan diet can be very affordable.  After all, it’s comprised mostly of beans, legumes, grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables as well nuts and seeds. Most of these can be bought in bulk, which makes them cheaper. They also have a longer shelf life, which helps to enable that cost saving through bulk buying.

It’s never been easier to go vegan than now, in 2023

In 2023, most supermarkets carry vegan options, from meat alternatives and plant-based cheeses, through to non-dairy milks such as coconut and almond. Also, many restaurants offer vegan options—even some fast food places like McDonalds offer vegan options.

Plant Based Food on Shelves

We’re seeing a very real shift in consumer wants, when it comes to diversification of diet and food types. This is having a positive knock-on effect on the high street, and in the supermarket – where a range of new, better quality and better priced vegan options are starting to break through into the mainstream.

With a wealth of information online, there are so many delicious recipes that you can easily make and try today.

There’s never been a better time to go vegan than right now, in 2023.

If you’re serious about your health, living longer and taking care of the environment – Go Vegan!