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10 Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin

A List of the 10 Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Quick Guide for 2023

Looking for the best ways to get free Bitcoins?

Our curated list of the 10 best ways to get Free Bitcoins

Quick recap – why are they free and what do I have to do to get them?

In today’s world of online marketing, advertisers and marketers are all competing for your attention and your time.

That’s been the case for many years now. Facebook, Instagram and the likes make their products free, and in exchange they benefit from being able to place adverts in-front of you.

Their upside and income comes in the form of huge advertising revenues. They are paid mega-bucks by the big firms because they can offer them the right audience and target specific demographics of people most likely to buy product ‘A’.

They make their user experience highly addictive and offer you huge amounts of free value and entertainment. With the consequence being that your dwell time (how long you spend on Facebook for example), goes through the roof and you become a very valuable asset to them.

Advertisers and marketers will pay them for your eyeballs – for your attention and time.

Pile of Fiat Cash Notes

None of this is new, but what has changed now is that Bitcoin has come along with a new proposition.

Bitcoin offers a very quick and easy way to pay the audience / users themselves, directly, and in a micro-transaction fashion.

Since Bitcoin is so easily divisible into very small amounts and has low cost to transfer and spread around, marketers will now offer you Bitcoin directly for your time. This is the basis for most free Bitcoin sites / apps in the marketplace today.

These apps are typically sponsored / supported by marketers and advertising agencies. They are often the ones ultimately providing the bounty of free Bitcoin which is on offer. They supply a portion of Bitcoin and give you a bit each time you perform a task for them. Whether that be completing a Captcha form, visiting a website, watching a YouTube video, clicking on an advert etc.

Stack of Bitcoins ontop of Sand

Accumulating Bitcoin from free sources can often take time and a bit of effort. On the flip side, it can also be a lot of fun. And if you’re stuck for something to pass the time – why not be getting paid in Bitcoin for it?!

Our list of the 10 best ways to get Free Bitcoin, in no particular order:

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Use free Bitcoin Faucets

There are a ton of free Bitcoin Faucets out there. We’ve spent a lot of time hunting down the best ones, only to find that many are now either defunct, not worth the effort, or too heavy on the advertising. The only two free Bitcoin Faucets that we think are reputable and worth the effort at the minute are freebitcoin and MoonBitcoin.

MoonBitcoin is a pretty simple Bitcoin faucet website which offers you the chance to win a random amount of satoshi every time you visit and click to claim your reward. Once you’ve claimed your reward you then have to wait at least 5mins before you can then claim again.

Moon Bitcoin Site Image 1

MoonBitcoin is good, but it’s a slow Bitcoin earner. Two downsides are that you have to signup with a CoinPot account, and the site is also full of intrusive / distracting adverts.

By far and away the best free Bitcoin faucet we know of, and which we use daily ourselves, is freebitcoin. Freebitcoin is a simple faucet, which lets you ‘roll’ a virtual dice / number counter once an hour, then win a portion of Bitcoin depending on what score you rolled and the banding / range of that score.

The winnings on each roll can be anything from 0.00000620 to 0.03127260 (at time of writing).

Free Bitcoin Site Image 5

The big bonus with freebitcoin though is that they also have a free lottery with prizes upwards of 1.5BTC – which you get free tickets to each time you roll.

They also have a simple ‘Hi-Lo’ multiplier game to play where you can increase your Bitcoin earnings.

Go check it out – it’s great fun, quite addictive, and with huge potential Bitcoin payouts!

Free Bitcoin Site Image 2

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Complete Surveys and earn Free Bitcoin

There are a number of sites which deal in market research and surveys. Their clients have paid for them to find people to complete these surveys and so now they are willing to pay you in increments of Bitcoin to take part.

In a way, you could think of this as a ‘profit-share’ mechanism for advertising / marketing spend.

Two examples which we’ve come across recently and which appear reputable are Tap Research, and Peanut Labs, both of which can be accessed via BitcoinGet.com.

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Play games like The Blockchain Game

The Blockchain Game Icon

The Blockchain Game is a simple mobile app game which takes its name from ‘Blockchain’, the technology behind Bitcoin. It makes a fun task of building a long chain of blocks and accruing increments of Bitcoin over time. The Blockchain Game is available on both iPhone and Android.

The Blockchain Game 1

As with most of these options, you sign up through a simple two-step process. First up, you enter your public Bitcoin wallet address, and then followed by your email address.

Once you’re in, the game is pretty simple. Just tap the screen each time the block moves over the top of your current ‘Blockchain’ and add a new block to make a longer chain. As the chain gets longer and longer, you access higher tiers of Bitcoin payouts, but the speed and difficulty of the game increases too.

It’s fun and addictive!

The Blockchain Game 2

The Blockchain Game pays out once a week. You also need to first meet the minimum required balance of Bitcoins. As is to be expected, it is peppered with adverts – mostly short video promos for other game apps. If you miss a block (tap at the wrong time), you can keep playing and not loose your current chain of blocks, by opting to watch an advert.

A bit of a pain – but part of the deal here unfortunately.

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Complete online tasks to earn Free Bitcoin

CoinTasker is a popular site which pays out in small increments of Bitcoin each time you complete tasks. A typical task could be watching a short video clip, reviewing an advert, downloading a new app or commenting on a community board.

Seems to be very popular, always active and paying-out regularly. Check it out here at CoinTasker.com.

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Play games like Bitcoin Popper

Bitcoin Popper Icon

Another mobile app game, this time for Android only. Haven’t played this one yet (don’t have an Android device!). However we’ve heard good things and read up about it on the Google Play Store.

Bitcoin Popper 1

Basic gameplay involves just popping bubbles to reveal stars. Trying to collect 3+ of the same type, then multiplying the win bonus by finding more of the same.

Looks quite simple and intuitive. It’s easy to learn and a fun way to pass time while earning free Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Popper 3

As per usual – register with your public Bitcoin wallet address and an email address.

Adverts are the name of the game with this one. However there is also a paid version which will apparently reduce or even do away with the adverts all together.

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Get paid Bitcoin to read books with PaidBooks.com

PaidBooks.com is a rather cool website where you can pick a book from their range, read it, and then be paid in increments of Bitcoin for doing so.

Quite a different way to earn Bitcoin passively while passing time and reading a great classic!

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – “Gamble” small amounts of Bitcoin on ‘Dice’ gaming sites

There are a number of gaming sites dedicated to dice based probability games which only deal in Bitcoin or AltCoins. Two which we’ve come across recently are PrimeDice and 999Dice.

As to be expected, you’ll need to signup with your public Bitcoin wallet address and an email address to be able to withdraw any winnings.

The idea behind these sites though is that you deposit a small amount of Bitcoin into your account of their sites, then play the dice based games with the potential for very large multipliers and big wins.

One strategy might be to earn a small amount of free Bitcoin elsewhere first, though a Bitcoin Faucet such as freebitcoin, then transfer that into one of these sites to play with in the hope of multiplying your Bitcoin earnings.

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Explore Online Marketing Offers and earn Free Bitcoin

Again, over on BitcoinGet.com you can browse through a range of marketing offers, often from really quite reputable and big well known high-street brands! For each offer you click though / review, you will earn a portion of Bitcoin.

Check out some of the offers here on BitcoinGet.com.

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Watch videos, movie trailers and how-to’s, and earn Free Bitcoin

You can even get paid increments of Bitcoin for sitting back and watching the latest movie trailers, mobile app trailers, viral videos and “how-to” videos!

Again, all hosted over on the rather great site BitcoinGet.com.

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Shop online stores and earn free Bitcoin cashbacks

This one looks particularly interesting if you happen to find a great offer from one of your favourite online stores or a high street brand. There’s a large range of mostly American brands to shop with including Macy’s, Starbucks and Wallmart.

The signup process is simple and easy. Again, add your public Bitcoin wallet address to first get going.

Check out the deals here on CoinRebates.com.

Best Ways To Get Free Bitcoin – Want to delve deeper into the world of Bitcoin?

Why not accrue some Free Bitcoin using one of the Free Bitcoin Faucets we review here on our site?